The Smiling Seahorse Andaman Dive cruises
Review: 5, based on 194 reviews "The best Similan diving expérience!!" by , written on April 21, 2024
The title says it all and every component of the Smiling Seahorse stands out. The dive sites were varied and each one offered something new to shout about. I reached my 900th dive on this trip from Khao Lak to Phuket, and have been on many live-aboards, and this one knows what divers want. They help you don your wetsuit, hold on to your tank before you jump in or climb back up the ladder, to save your back for your 24 dives in a week, put your fins on for you, remove them after the dive, and would likely breathe for you if requested. James, my extremely experienced guide and cruise director, did everything in his power to make all my dives special. What resulted in that, were some pretty special dives: 8 black tipped sharks in a few minutes, 5 massive blotched fantail rays, a guitar shark, a leopard shark, a deadly stonefish, giant clams, and rivers of fish swimming through the corals, actually blocking my view of him at one point, and it was hard to follow him, like in a fog! These big schools of fish are one of the main reasons for a live-aboard, remoteness, and these are some incredibly healthy reefs. The food was excellent as well, with mountains of it offered 3 times a day, plus a "snack", which really amounted to 4 meals a day. If you want to feel like every day is your birthday, with your invited guests including countless green morays, cuttlefish, huge schools of giant trevallies and bright fusiliers carpeting the ocean, get aboard the Smiling Seahorse.
★★★★★ by fiftystatesevenconts January 21, 2024
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